Chitin & Chitosan

Chitin [poly(acetylglucosamine)] is the second most abundant biopolymer in the world! Only cellulose (the building block of all plants) is more abundant in nature.

Chitin, and its derivative chitosan, occur naturally as the building block of the shells of all crustaceans and of the exoskeletons of every insect.

Green & Economical

Natural green products will continue to win more market share from synthetic, and often toxic, chemicals as consumers and industries are becoming more aware of their environmental impact.

Chitosan provides an exciting opportunity for your businesses to replace or reduce the following chemicals, often at a lower cost:

  • Heavy metal antimicrobials: such as silver nanoparticles, copper, and more

  • Other toxic antimicrobials: triclosan, and more

  • Inorganic flocculants & coagulants: such as polyacrylamides (which degrade into acrylamide)

  • Pesticides & Insecticides


Chitin and chitosan are naturally nontoxic, biodegradable, and biocompatible while having valuable properties for a wide range of applications:


Positive electrostatic charge

Chitosan binds with heavy metals, hydrocarbons, debris, and other toxins in water treatment. Chitosan also binds to red blood cells when, used as a hemostatic agent, and to suspended particles in beverage manufacturing.



Because of chitosan’s positive electrostatic charge it also binds to the cell walls of microorganisms, which gives chitosan its antimicrobial properties through a nontoxic mode of action. Alternatively, most antibiotics and bactericidal agents work through a toxic mode of action.


Plant Immune Elicitor

Chitin is the building block of all insect exoskeletons. When a plant is treated with chitosan, it reacts as though it is infested by pests, which elicits a natural immune response. Treated plants and seeds exhibit improved nutrient absorption, increased crop sizes and yields, and increased survival rates in prohibitive or severe growing conditions.

Our Green Technology

We’re the only 100% domestic manufacturer of chitin and chitosan in the USA, because traditional chitin extraction produces large chemical waste streams.

Our process is the only one in the world that fully utilizes crab shells! Using our patent-pending closed loop processing system, we extract chitin from crab shells and turn it into chitosan. Our co-product—which “closes the loop”—is natural nitrogen source fertilizer.


Convenient Form Versatility

There are 400+ products on the market today that contain chitin or chitosan.

More chitosan products are being developed all the time, we’re here to help you get it just right!


Chitosan is usually utilized in a liquid form that is 94-99% water.


Our domestic location allows us to economically provide you with ready-to-use forms of chitosan – no additional processing required!


We specialize in custom blended liquid chitosan formulas for your application, and provide private label manufacturing services.

Here to help your business grow!


Whether you’re looking for a water flocculant, antimicrobial treatment, plant immune elicitor, or have a customized product or project, our team of chitosan experts are here to help you.


We distribute everything from bulk chitin & chitosan flakes, to specialized liquid product, to finished private label products— all right here in the USA.


We love to support chitin and chitosan R&D projects and work with many universities, researchers, and companies of all sizes.

Looking for a supplier?

We supply the following industries with our sustainably produced chitin and chitosan:

We also supply pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic companies, research laboratories, universities, and others with chitin and/or chitosan for unique and innovative applications.

Do you have a custom chitosan project?

Our team of chitosan experts are here to help you!

What Exactly is Chitin and Chitosan?


Chitin is a high molecular weight biopolymer. When chitin is processed by the removal of acetyl groups, the chitin molecule becomes a molecule called chitosan [poly(glucosamine-co-acetylglucosamine)].

Chitosan is a cationic polyelectrolyte that is soluble in dilute organic acid. Chitosan’s long-chained and polyelectrolyte structure of chitosan molecules provides unique behavior for a variety of applications such as in water treatment, film formation, antimicrobial activity, and more.

Additionally, the chemical makeup of chitosan provides bioactive properties such as an immune elicitor in plants.

For further information, please refer to our website pages under “Industries” and the cited scientific journal articles relevant to your industry or application.